Finding the right Christmas car gift can be as challenging as any other gift search. It’s always difficult to come up with something that your loved one will appreciate, and when it comes to their car, it can be even harder to think of an item they need or will make some use of. 

With a little thinking outside the box however, there is a present for every type of car owner – from the enthusiast, to the learner. Take a look at  our top 5 gifts recommended for each type of driver and ensure that the recipient will think of you when behind the wheel!


The best Christmas car gifts for car lovers

Car lovers can be a difficult niche to shop for, usually because they’ve got everything their vehicle could possibly need! But their gift doesn’t necessarily have to be for their car…

Car merchandise

Your car enthusiast might have all the products his vehicle could possibly need, but clothing and accessories from their favourite car brand are gifts they’re likely to fall in love with!

Automotive books

Just because their vehicle has everything, doesn’t mean that they know everything. Take a look at some of the best motoring books to gift your car lover some knowledge about their favourite topic. 


The perfect learner driver presents

While learner drivers might not have their own car yet, and it may even be a while before they pass, preparing them for the driver lifestyle might be the motivation they need to get their pink licence!

Prepare them for passing!

Paying for some of their lessons could be a huge help, see if their instructor sells gift vouchers. If they haven’t taken their theory test yet, buy them some useful learner books or a highway code set.

Think of what they may need when they’re finally ready to drive alone:

  • Phone accessories (chargers, bluetooth kits, mounts)


Gift ideas for clean freaks

While there are plenty of dirty cars out there, all manner of car owners like to look after their vehicle. From car enthusiasts, to learners, to the elderly, keeping the outside shiny and the interior tidy is important, and making that easier for somebody with some cool accessories means they will have you to thank as they keep on top of mess!

Handheld vacuum 

Keep on top of crumbs, fluff, dry mud & leaves, with ease! No need to carry the big vacuum out or pay for a valet when you can give the interior a quick once over. 

Mini window cleaner

Your loved one can  keep their windscreen sparkling without smears by using professional equipment at a low cost!

Need some ideas for keeping your own vehicle tidy? Take a look at our recent blog with tips for keeping your car interior clean.


Useful car gifts

For something a little more attention-to-detail, or security-focused. Think of the following:

Wrap mounts

The Wrap mounts to your steering wheel is a bright yellow colour and hold the steering wheel secure from auto theft. Any tampering with the steering wheel, an alarm goes off, alerting passersby of the attempted theft. The bright yellow colour, stainless steel reinforced sidewalls, and flashing red light is a great anti-theft deterrent. The space-age look of the Wrap is a special gift for the auto enthusiast techie.


License plate frame

Consider the purchase of a license plate frame, and this will be one cheap car accessory gift that will make your enthusiast happy. A license plate kit that includes a one-piece clear lens and frame with a self-sealing rubber gasket will keep the dirt and moisture out and off the license plate. These license plate kits are available in different colours, making it a car accessory gift of choice for the hard to please.

How else can we help?

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