The automobile industry is getting smarter each passing day, especially with the imminent promise of the self-driving feature. While we await this feature to gain popularity, certain gadgets are important and useful for car owners of all kinds.

These accessories are provided to enhance excellent driving experience, for both short journeys and road trips. We’ve gathered some of the best car gadgets and have listed the most important ones that your car should have in 2020, and here’re our results:

Best Interior Car Gadgets

car gadget phone charger

A Car Charger

Your Smartphone is an important tool for a quality driving experience. The chances are your phone will require a charge before the end of a long road trip. To power your Smartphone throughout your journey, consider investing in simple car charger that you can plug into your USB port.

This product ensures you can charge your device so that it’s available when you need to use the GPS or make an emergency call.

A Bluetooth Car Kit

Another important gadget to have in your car is a Bluetooth car kit. This device lets you connect your Smartphone to your car audio system without a cable connection. With a new Bluetooth car kit, you can stream music, make hands-free calls, and use virtual driving assistants, such as Google Now or Siri.

This gadget is most handy when making calls, letting you have your hands free to steer the wheel while having conversations – ideal for a lonely drive!

car gadget best phone holder

A Phone Holder

It’s usually distracting and quite dangerous having to hold your phone while driving, hence why the UK government banned using mobiles behind the wheel.

A phone holder comes handy in preventing this. This easy to install gadget lets you place your phone where you can monitor your apps and notifications without having to hold it. Many phone holders are equipped with magnetic backing to hold the phone securely.


With smartphones featuring GPS systems, they’ve become a replacement for GPS devices, and people have shifted from investing in regular GPS.

If you’re comfortable letting your phone do the job, then you may not need to consider a GPS, but if you’re concerned about saving your phone battery, or the accuracy of the instructions your phone app provides, then you’ll need to invest in a device purposefully meant for the task – buy a GPS.

Automatic Car Adapter

An automatic car adapter is a system plugged into an OBD-II port, which most modern cars feature. This smart device helps measure your speeding, braking, and fuel conserving habits and scores you at the end of each week.

This device is also helpful in diagnosing your vehicle when the “check engine light” pops on. It has an app to show you what is wrong with your car before deciding to take it to a mechanic.

A Dashcam

A dashcam is a cool, camera-like device that you mount onto your dashboard.

Once installed you will have footage that provides coverage of any happenings while using your car. This provides you with evidence to present when an accident occurs.

Best Exterior Car Accessories

Fobo Tire Plus

While not everyone can afford £200 for a tyre pressure monitoring system, it is ideal to follow up on your tire pressure from the comfort of your own home and save time visiting a garage or petrol station.

Fobo Tire Plus is an industry leader in tyre safety gadgets. It measures the pressure and temperature in your tires and sends results through Bluetooth connectivity. This sends you warnings ahead of issues with your tires.

Norshire Mini Tyre Inflator

If your tyre pressure isn’t set to where your handbook recommends, this mini tyre inflator is sleek, compact and will have you driving safely again in no time. In addition to its basic features, it’s also wireless, automatically shuts down when overheated and comes with a two-year warranty.

Of all the hottest Amazon products available at the moment, this is certainly one of our favourites!

How the best car gadgets can help

Ahead of winter and the new year, it’s essential to keep your vehicle in the best condition, both for your safety and comfort.

Find out more about how to keep your vehicle safe during Autumn and for any other guidance and enquiries, contact All Car Ways today!