One fact about driving is, each season of the year requires different approaches, so we’ve put together our top 6 autumn safety tips.

While the final quarter is the time of year where weather conditions start becoming more adverse for your vehicle, it is essential you learn how to prepare your car for the autumn months to ensure safe driving.

Most drivers are aware of what to pay attention to when driving during other seasons of the year but lack the requirements to have an excellent driving experience during the autumn months.

Characterised by heavy rainfall and pile-ups of mulch & wet leaves, autumnal driving conditions require a little extra care. This ensures you and your car are safe to use the road.

How to prepare your car for the autumn months

1. Work on the inside of your car

This is the best time to work on the interior of your car if you’ve been neglecting the task during the summer months. This is because the low sun and damp autumn weather are not favourable to the windscreen. 

When preparing your car’s interior for the autumn months, pay attention to the windscreen and other windows. Cleaning them with a microfiber cloth soaked in a window cleaner solution helps prevent them from fogging and consider going over them twice if they’re extremely dirty.

inside of car windscreen recently wiped

2. Prepare around the car

Your tasks when preparing your car for the autumn months include preparing the outside of the car. This involves inspecting your car’s brake lights, headlight, fog lamps, reverse lights and indicators

You can ask a friend to check these lights for you as you operate them from inside your car.

3. Prepare the tires

Your car’s tires are a vital component to pay attention to when preparing your car for the autumn months. They contribute largely to how safe you are on the road. It’s your duty as a driver to regularly pay attention to the tread depth, as this determines your tire’s performance. It’s recommended to replace a car’s tires with tread depth below 3mm.

Studies on tires with tread depths of 1.6mm show that such cars take another 45 meters to stop when running at motorway speeds, which is not safe. Remember that the roads are more slippery during the autumn months.

close up picture of car tyre & alloy

4. Prepare under the bonnet

One area of your car you cannot skip to check when preparing your car for the autumn months is the area under your car’s bonnet, as this is your car’s power room. You’ll need to go about this using your handbook, as this contains the necessary instructions to follow. 

What to pay attention to includes the engine coolant level, the level of the fluid in the reservoir, and the mix of anti-freeze and coolant. It’s essential to ensure that all these correspond to what you have in your handbook. 

Also, it’s crucial to ensure that your level of engine oil is adequate. However, you’ll need to let the engine cool before doing this. Giving the engine about ten minutes lets the oil go back to the sump.

checking car engine underneath bonnet

5. Check your heat

Since you don’t want to drive in the cold weather without your heating system working properly, it is a part of your tasks to check it before the autumn months hit. Also, ensure that your defroster is in good working condition. Remember, it’s unsafe to drive with a fogged-up windshield

If any of these components are not functioning efficiently, take your car to an auto repair shop to fix them for you.

inside of car windshield with fog outside

6. Check your windscreen

It is crucial to check your windscreen for chips. If you find any, ensure you fix it, as this can lead to a crack in the windscreen.

It’s likely you’ll come up against some heavy rain, so this phase of preparing your car also includes inspecting your wipers. Ensure that the rubbers rubbing against the screen doesn’t cause a smearing sound while clearing the screen, and check that your screenwash is filled up to an appropriate level.

inside of car windscreen


How our Autumn safety tips can help

In Autumn 2020 it’s more important than usual to check your vehicle safety due to the suspension of MOTs during the lockdown.

If you’re searching for a vehicle that’s appropriate for the Autumn months, take a look at our range of used cars and get in touch with All Car Ways for further advice!