Studies show that the average UK driver spends almost 4 years behind the wheel in their lifetime. If you find yourself spending even a fraction of this time in your car, needless to say, you need to keep your car interior clean, for the majority of the time at least.

However, keeping your car interior clean may be time-consuming and quite physically-tasking – without the right guide, that is.

Keep your car interior clean and organised!

1. Keeping surfaces clean

It’s ideal to invest in pre-moistened auto wipes and a microfiber cloth, which you can keep in your car glove box along with a spray bottle containing a cleaning product or even just water! With this, you can wipe clean your car’s dashboard, steering wheel, gear stick and upholstery, which ensures that grease and mess don’t stay on your surfaces for too long and cause stains. Cleaning all of these areas of your car interior will keep it looking new!

2. Do proper maintenance of your car

If your car regularly has mechanical issues, the chances are dust will build up, causing odours in the car interior. One of your tasks here is to change your car filter regularly.

You can leverage the WIX cabin air filter, a part which comes with built-in antimicrobial technology. This technology is provided to clean filters when in use.

3. Shake out mats regularly

No matter how much you try, there’re things you cannot control, and stopping your mats from accumulating dust is one. It’s, therefore, necessary to shake your mats out on a regular basis. This will help keep your car mats clean ahead of when you next get the vacuum on them.

4. Clean out cup holders

With time, your car’s cup holders get filled with dirt from the bottom of cups placed in them or even rubbish stored in them. It’s also important to keep some cotton buds in the glove compartment, which you can use to clean the cup holder in those hard to reach areas that a cloth won’t manage.

5. Clean seats

If you regularly use your car with kids or pets, then chances are your car seats get stained. Pets in the car can also cause some strands of hair and crumbs in the cushion seams. You can prevent this by using a toothbrush – a quick brush will remove them from the fabric. A magic eraser can also help you do away with sticky stuff and marks on the leather.

6. Invest in a small bin

Keeping a trashcan in your car provides a container where you and your passengers can toss your wrappers, coffee cups, and tissues instead of stuffing them aside in your car door or under your seats and forgetting about them. This container can simply be a plastic bag hung on the back of your passenger seat to keep your car’s interior mess-free.

7. Avoid keeping items in your car

It is often common to have items forgotten in your car. This could be a toy, that jacket you removed during hot weather, or that thing that your friend left behind. Take your time to search your car for these and take them out. Also, make it a habit not to keep such items in your car again and announce the new rule to your regular passengers.

8. Maintain monthly

All the aforementioned tips will help you keep the interior of your car clean. However, you still need to properly clean your car’s interior, which ranges from vacuuming the inside of your car to cleaning the windows with a basic glass cleaner. Whether you give it a full clean or just a quick once-over, it’s best to do so on a fairly regular basis to prevent the build-up of dirt.


For more car cleaning tips, check out this video:


How keeping your car interior clean helps

With a clean car interior, you provide a comfortable, welcoming environment for passengers but also for yourself; especially if you’re a regular driver.

To make your car even more comforting for yourself and passengers, take a look at the best car gadgets and accessories for an extra level of satisfaction during your journeys with ergonomic efficiency.

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