Travelling home for Christmas can be bitter-sweet in the way that the excitement throughout the journey can be hindered by a variety of obstacles.

While travelling is still restricted across the country and the majority of the world, many of us will still be making journeys home from work, education and abroad during one of the busiest periods of the year. 

We’ve put together 6 top tips to give you the important information you need to make your journey pleasant and safe and uphold your Christmas spirit throughout!


Get organised

The first step before any journey…

If you’ve got a flight to catch, make sure you remember your departure time like the back of your hand and arrive early as security is likely to be busy. Ensure you’ve packed everything you need and don’t forget your passport or boarding pass!

The same goes for public transport, it’s better to be early rather than late, plus you’re more likely to secure a seat. Don’t lose your ticket as ticket inspectors will be very active during this time of year, and keep an eye on your luggage at all times.

If driving, plan your route in advance and keep an eye out for roadworks and traffic news. Although sitting in traffic gives you more time to enjoy Christmas songs during your drive home, sitting still can make you irritable which is potentially detrimental to your Christmas spirit!

Download Waze for a GPS with live traffic updates to find the fastest route.


Plan for the journey

From bringing the right amount of luggage to having a good idea of your estimated arrival time, being prepared and knowing what to expect makes a busy journey all the more easier. 

Make sure you’re up to date on any potential delays, the rules for your luggage on flights/public transport, and make sure everything can fit in your car without impeding your vision! Oh, and don’t forget underwear, your wallet, toothbrush and other essentials.

If you’re expecting to meet others, make sure you’ve given them a realistic meeting time and be prepared for any changes of plan and restrictions from travelling guidelines. 


Prepare to be patient

Whatever your method of travel, you can expect to spend time waiting around, anticipating this makes it a little less frustrating. 

Bring some snacks and drinks to stay refreshed, and a book or a phone charger to keep yourself entertained.

Make sure you go to the loo during these waiting periods too!

If you’re travelling with children, let them bring whatever toys are appropriate for carrying and be prepared to clean up after them should they make any spillages or get travel sick – a seat saver may be a smart investment.


Know your destination

Ensure you know your directions and research the current COVID-19 restrictions before you travel. Airports, train stations and motorways can be equally confusing at times, so always prepare in advance by making time to navigate your way around, ensure your heading to the best destination and keep your fuel topped up!

If you’re renting a car, paying for extra miles is better than buying too few, and heading to a smaller airport or train station, if available, can save a lot of stress.


Consider the weather

Another major consideration when travelling during winter months, especially in the north, are potential layovers. Bad weather often brings travel delays, whether that be delays or cancellations of your flight or train, closing of motorways due to accidents, or the complications brought about by the snow we usually love to see this time of year. 

Try to avoid tight connections and make sure your airline, trainline or vehicle is reliable to avoid a stressful rebooking of tickets or breakdown assistance. If the weather is looking particularly bad, leave earlier and check your vehicle before leaving.


Follow COVID-19 guidelines

Here is  some key advice from the government about travelling amid COVID-19 restrictions:

  • Always wear a face covering in public areas
  • Wash or sanitise your hands regularly
  • Adhere to social distancing
  • Download the NHS COVID-19 app and check in where appropriate
  • Do not travel if you are experiencing any symptoms of the virus
  • Avoid busy routes
  • Do not travel if you are clinically vulnerable
  • Avoid travel to Tier 3 areas
  • Do not car share with those outside of your household
  • Keep to your Christmas bubble
  • Do not travel to see family before 23rd December
  • Do not stay with another household after 27th December
  • Avoid unnecessary stops during your journey


How we can help with Travelling Home for Christmas

We hope you stay safe during your journeys over the Christmas period and have a wonderful time with your loved ones. 

To ensure your safety before travelling by car, why not book in a vehicle inspection with us to make sure you’re good to go.

For any help & advice with your vehicle feel free to contact us!